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Chatime and Taisun Venture into New Blue Ocean with Handmade Drinks

Media link: http://www.cna.com.tw/postwrite/Detail/229259.aspx#.WpS_aOhubIV

Good news for tea drinking-loving consumers! The relationship between handmade and packaged drinks is no longer a competitive one, but a cooperative one between strong players. For the first time, Taisun Enterprise has worked with famous handmade drink businesses, including Chatime, COMEBUY and Tea Plus, to release packaged drinks made according to their original recipes, creating the “Tea Shop Street” drink series. A new blue ocean is opened with the launch of these drinks in over ten thousand convenience stores all over Taiwan.

Cross-disciplinary cooperation between drink shops and convenient stores

“The beverage market is full of possibilities. “Innovation” is the only way!” said Lei Sungching, vice marketing president, Taisun Enterprise. The revenues from drink shops have grown annually with 50 billion NTD in 2017. There are 21,000 drink shops all over Taiwan, even more than convenience stores. Now is a good time to combine the two areas. The first wave of the “Tea Shop Street” drink series includes three drinks of 35 NTD: “Sweet Orange Jin Xuan” of COMEBUY, “roasted milk tea” of Chatime and “Lemon with perilla” of Tea Plus.

According to Lei Sungching, the idea of cooperation with leading handmade drink shops was drawn in the summer of 2016. In the era of Marketing 4.0, consumers have already connected with each other on the internet. The relationship between handmade and packaged drinks should be more than just competition. Therefore, after more than a year’s efforts, they finally gave birth to the “Tea Shop Street” drink series. In the future, Taisun will bring us more diversified drinks by working with Chatime and other drink businesses and expand the cooperation to add new products.

“Milk shaking” by Nono and Bubble Tea Sisters

TV ads for “Tea Shop Street” are produced by working with the new generation advertisement model Nono. She said that she is a handmade drink lover, though drink shops often close when she works too late. Now, the good news is she can buy her favorite “roasted milk tea” in convenient stores. The trio of Nono and the internet celebrity “Bubble Tea Sisters” challenge the “milk shaking” action together. Their gorgeous hand movement is quite a scene. Even “GOOD DAY GOOD TIME” hosted by the Natou tried to ask for cooperation!

(China Times)


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