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Chatime Listed as “The Best Bubble Tea Brand in 2018”

In an industry and market survey of bubble tea done for international handmade tea brands, including Kung Fu Tea, Gong Cha, Boba Guys, Chatime, 8tea5, Quickly, CoCo and VIVI BUBBLE TEA, in 115 emerging cities and countries, Market Research Explore (MRE), a well-known market research firm, found that the final results show that Chatime, a brand under La Kaffa International, is one of the top 5 bubble tea brands through subjective evaluation of market response, brand accessibility, news coverage, research and analysis data, as well as peer comparison.

The global bubble tea market survey covers the tea drink brands in North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific with the primary focus on product classification, product price, growth rate, tea drink industry issues, and product upgrade and innovation. Based on the sales volumes of brands and the development of product types, it is expected that the global tea drink market will realize a compound annual growth rate and an increase of several million USD in five years.

The global bubble tea market survey also provides the information about the competition in the tea drink market. It gathers information concerning company profiles, market share, company’s headquarters, corporate office and sales revenue. Additionally, the report made available different plans and policies of the tea drink industry, product manufacturing processes, product images, and production volume. The tea drink market offers the basis of market utilization value, investment feasibility, product volume, market strategy, industry chain structure, supply and demand ratio, and market value. Finally, the report inspects the distinct traders, distributors and suppliers of the handmade tea drink industry along with sales channel, data resources and research findings.

Competitors in the global bubble tea market have been applying various strategies for market development. The main strategies in the tea drink market include innovative product, partnership enhancement, mergers, agreements and worldwide procurements. On a worldwide basis, the number of recognized brands is increasing. Therefore, it is necessary for every market company to focus on the development of other competitive brands.

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