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Chatime global conference annually and Product Release for 2019

Shaking Tea Up!

Chatime has a very wide distribution over 38 countries across 6 continents. From 9/18-9/21, Chatime invited all franchisee to join 2018 Chatime X Global Conference in Manila, Philippines. In the big picture, La Kaffa organised brnading development with Bubble Tea.

Chatime is global leader with Bubble Tea. From 2004, Chatime is widely distributed in North America, Australia, UK, Indonesia, Philipine, Korea and Louvre, France. Have dawn Have Chatime come true indeed. Henry Wang, the CEO of Chatime, siad ” We held the annual event for branding development. Due to brand planning, franchisee exchange their information and business model in tea drink industry for increasing competence.

Due to 4 days conference, La Kaffa invited BBDO CEO to share his marketing experience, inculded international business plan, international indigredients, merchandising and new products. Meanwhile, Chatime released their new machine ” Advanced Tea Dispencer ” for improving tea’s quality.

Chatime has over 100 franchisee and agents. It’s still improvement with the product plan and service. Chatime not only cooperate wth their partners but also achieve their core value ” Quality, Innovation and Fun” for their custormers around the world together.

Via: CNA http://www.cna.com.tw/postwrite/Detail/241105.aspx#.W6SZP2gzaUn

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