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Here Comes the Charming Global Ambassador of Chatime!

Becoming more Attractive by Drinking Bubble Tea! Let us Drink Chatime’s Bubble Tea.

Video of Global Ambassador of Chatime was released.

Bubble Tea x Energy: Bubble Tea Catches Your Eyes.

Chatime, a subsidiary of La Kaffa International Co., LTD, is a popular bubble tea brand from Taiwan with a strong international presence. It has been constantly building its brand and aggressively expanding its presence in the international market.

Just recently, Chatime named Ivan Dorschner, a famous Filipino- American internet celebrity and actor, as the new global brand ambassador for Chatime. Image video “Bubble Tea x Energy: Bubble Tea Catches Your Eyes” was released recently. The image of Ivan Dorschner won over fans around the world as soon as the video was released. See more videos at Chatime Facebook page.

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